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The second most common reason for visiting a doctor is back pain. Many patients report severe episodes in which their low back pain is so excruciating that they are unable to get out of bed, losing work and family time. Although low back pain may range from a subtle nuisance to excruciating pain, both should not be taken lightly. In the beginning it can start as stiffness or muscle soreness, but if left untreated can worsen over time. If you are currently dealing with chronic back pain, then seeking chiropractic care  is a wise decision. Whatever the degree of pain you are experiencing, our team at Revive Chiropractic in Pembroke Pines are here for you. We will walk alongside you on your journey to better health to help you live a life without it.

This article will help you to better understand the causes of lower back pain, and how chiropractic treatment can help you achieve lasting back pain relief so that you can go on enjoying the things you love to do in life.


The back refers to the large area that ranges from the base of your neck all the way down to the triangular bone that makes up the base of your spine called your sacrum. It consists of many tendons, ligaments, discs, muscles, and bones working together to provide a solid foundation for any type of movement. Due to its complexity, in order to accurately locate and address the source of the pain it is necessary to examine every one of these components, anything less would be guess work.

The following explains some of the most common issues and their identifying features. It also explains how chiropractic medicine can help to resolve them. This is a general guideline to help you in your quest for effective treatment, but we highly recommend that you seek a professional opinion to properly diagnose these issues. We are a local office offering neurologically based chiropractic care in Pembroke Pines, FL.


The vertebral disc is the jelly-like spacer between each vertebra that works like a shock absorber every time you bend, twist, or move. With significant trauma or repetitive stress such as sitting at a job all day, the disc may begin to bulge or protrude which can lead to a hernia. Can you imagine what happens when you squeeze an Oreo cookie? This is very similar to what happens to the discs in your spine. This is a surprisingly common issue and it is often, but not always, very painful. Many people who have this condition feel nothing at all. The quality and intensity of it, for those who experience pain, depends on the type and position of the herniation. If the damaged disc is irritating a surrounding nerve, shooting or stabbing pain along with weakness in the legs is often severe. It is important that this issue is properly identified and promptly treated to avoid further damage. A chiropractor in Pembroke Pines will thoroughly assess your back to determine the extent of the issue and the appropriate treatment to prevent worsening of the herniation, and provide relief from the associated pain. At our Pembroke Pines Chiropractic office we utilize a unique diagnostic approach by combining the latest technology in thermal spinal scanning, muscle surface EMG readings, and digital x-ray imaging to pin point the exact problem areas in your spine. Our goal is to help you enjoy the life you deserve as soon as possible.


Subluxation is a medical term describing a misalignment in the vertebral column. There are a wide variety of causes, including physical stress, trauma, and toxins. Subluxations are often quite painful and can disrupt normal movement. Subluxations are one of the most commonly overlooked contributors to back pain. Chiropractors are trained to identify and correct this issue using non-invasive adjustment techniques.


Strains and sprains most typically occur when we engage in tasks that our body is not accustomed to, or when we are involved in an accident. Lifting while twisting, or stretching past one’s limits are common causes to strains and sprains of the back. These can be extremely painful, and are often accompanied by swelling and bruising of the surrounding area. Strains and sprains in the back tend to involve changes to the alignment of the spine and typically respond well to chiropractic care.


Chronic stress wreaks havoc on the body, and can eventually lead to hyper-tension and chronic back pain. The back pain is a result of tension and muscle spasms that occur when stress hormones are released. The tension will often accumulate in what are referred to as trigger points. These trigger points can be extremely painful and need professional attention to resolve. Chiropractors have the knowledge and tools to relieve stress from trigger points and to deal with underlying nervous system imbalances that may be keeping your body locked in patterns of stress and pain.


Conditions such as obesity, arthritis, kidney stones, and urinary tract infections have been shown to cause symptoms of lower back pain. These are all serious issues that need to be identified and treated immediately to avoid long-term health issues. Pembroke Pines chiropractic doctors are trained to identify these issues and support you in getting the appropriate treatment. Many of these issues can have their source in spinal misalignments and respond well to chiropractic adjustments.

If you have questions about how our team at Revive Chiropractic can help you, please schedule a consultation today.

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