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Neck Pain

Neck Pain NECK PAIN CHIROPRACTOR IN PEMBROKE PINES? You are not alone, over 85 percent of the US population is affected by back [...]


Back Pain

Back Pain NEED BACK PAIN RELIEF? The second most common reason for visiting a doctor is back pain. Many patients report severe episodes [...]



It is safe to say that our children undergo stress on their bodies on a regular basis. The first stress that many children receive is from the birthing process itself, followed by the hundreds



Headaches HEADACHES AND MIGRAINES RELIEF? Headaches can be debilitating, keeping you from enjoying your day or from being productive at work. They will [...]



Wellness WELLNESS CARE IS IMPORTANT Our society holds the mindset that the absence of symptoms equals a state of good health. But current [...]



Pregnancy CHIROPRACTIC DURING PREGNANCY? The tremendous physical demand involved in pregnancy can lead to a great deal of pain and discomfort. At our [...]

Love this team! Dr Alfonso and Dianna are always so welcoming! It’s definitely a family practice, my son loves getting checked! Highly recommended.

Jenny Molina

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